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Review Bauer S20 Supreme Ignite Pro+ One Piece Stick - Senior

Bauer S20 Supreme Ignite Pro+ One Piece Stick - Senior

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Bauer S20 Supreme Ignite Pro+ Grip One Piece Stick - Senior

Built on the new Supreme platform, the Supreme Ignite Pro+ stick is a special make up stick based on the Bauer Supreme 3s one piece stick but offers a longer stick at 62", a 3k carbon fiber shaft and all blade patterns are offered in the MAX Height blade. The Supreme Ignite Pro+ is lighter and has been re-engineered to ensure that every ounce of energy put into the stick goes to the puck, no matter what type of shot is taken. At 435 grams, it is the same weight as the Vapor 2x Team Stick.


  • Maximum Power Kick Technology - Helps the player maximize energy transfer throughout their shot.
  • HP MOLD - creates a true 1-piece feel to improve overall play-ability.
  • MaxBalance reduces blade weight while maintaining durability, helping improve overall balance.
  • Areo Foam Blade Core has a dampened puck feel for better stick-handling.
  • Blade Patterns - All Blades are offered in MAX HEIGHT.
  • Graphic colors are based on the Supreme ADV Stick.
Bauer S20 Ignite Pro+ (Based on the Bauer S20 Supreme 3S Grip Stick) - Senior
Level: Performance
Available Flexes: 87 / 77 / 70 Flexes
Available Patterns: P92M / P88M / P28M - All Blade Patterns are MAX HEIGHT
Length: 62" Inches - 70 Flex is 60" Inches
Shot Technology: MPK Technology
Shaft Technology: UD Carbon Construction
  DuraFlex Resin System
  Square Shaft Dimension
Blade Technology: 15k Carbon Fiber
  AeroFoam 1 Blade Core
Construction: HP Mold


Bauer - Get the Pattern that Suits Your Style
Pattern   Curve Face Toe Length
P92 / P92M Optimal Stickhandling / Quick-High Snapshots MID OPEN ROUND MEDIUM-LONG
P28 / P28M
Toe Drags / Control / Quick Release MID TOE OPEN ROUND MEDIUM
P88 / P88M
Controlled Puck Handling / Wrist Shots MID SLIGHT-OPEN ROUND MEDIUM-LONG