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Review Bauer Supreme 2S Grip One Piece Stick - Senior

Bauer Supreme 2S Grip One Piece Stick - Senior

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Brand new for 2018, Bauer has unleashed their Supreme 2S Grip Senior Hockey Stick. This line looks to add upgraded fibers in both the shaft and blade for added durability, but also to help overall reduce weight.
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supreme - Power - formulated to maximize energy transfer to give you your hardest shot

Level: Elite
Key Upgrades: max balance blade construction / weight reduction by 20 grams
features and technology:  
Shot Technology: MPK / Extended transfer zone
Shaft Technology: 3k Twill Carbon Fiber
blade technology: aero foam 1
  12k carbon fiber
  maxbalance blade construction
construction: high performance mold
stick length & Flex
64" - 102 / 87 / 77 Flexes
  60" - 70 Flex
available patterns: p88 / p92 / p28 / p92m

Bauer 2019 Blade and Pattern Chart