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Review Brian's Net Zero Goal Pad - Junior

Brian's Net Zero Goal Pad - Junior

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The Brian's NET ZERO leg pad is built off of the popular G-NETik leg pad platform, and like the G-NETik the Net Zero has a double break outer roll.
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Brian's Custom Pro Net Zero Goal Pad - Junior

The Brian's NET ZERO leg pad is built off of the popular G-NETik leg pad platform, and like the G-NETik the Net Zero has a double break outer roll. Each break on the Net Zero is rated a 3 out of 4 by Brian's (1=hardest flex, 4=softest flex), meaning that each break is soft to give the pad some really good flex. Unlike the G-NETik, the NET ZERO come standard with a flat faced front and no knee rolls. This allows the pads to give the goalie some very predictable rebound control.

The outer edge profile of the pads gradually tapers from the bottom to the top of the pad, to the point where you've got a very thin profile at the top of the thigh rise. This saves overall pad weight, and it also allows the tops of the pads to overlap when the goalie takes a wider stance. This inside edge design has an even thinner profile, which is also very flat with very few seams that would the pad from sliding well. The landing pads at the knee feature are the widest width allowed, and a max width calf pad as well to give the goalie a nice, wide platform when dropping down into the butterfly.

The leg channel has all of the attributes that make Brian's pads some of the most innovative on the market. The knee lock is nice and wide to accommodate separate knee guards, and a double elastic strap there is an adjustable to fit the goalies style. The leg channel is also wide to allow for easy pad rotation, and it features Brian's proprietary Smart Strap system. This system eliminates the need for traditional leg pad straps, it allows for a most custom fit than traditional straps, and it saves weight as well.

The boot of the NET ZERO is tapered, the shallow boot channel is offset towards the inside of the boot, and the toe tie features both a regular and offset tie position. Goalies who play using a wider stance will love this set-up, as it keeps the inside boot of the pad from interfering when the legs are glared out in a standing position. The boot is also lined with this silver weave material for durability.

The graphics on the pad are color customizable, as can be seen through the recessed channels that make up the graphic of the initial all-white look. All Net Zero gear starts its life white, but pre-cut, pre-glued, colored graphics packs can be ordered to easily customize your pads, allowing you to create your own look.


  • Soft construction for excellent flexibility and mobility
  • Lightweight Smart Strap strapping system
  • Tapered design to reduce weight and aid in five-hole coverage
  • Flat-faced design for producing predictable rebounds
  • Customizable color zones