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Review CCM S19 Speedblade XS1 Replacement Steel Runner +2mm - BLACK

CCM S19 Speedblade XS1 Replacement Steel Runner +2mm - BLACK

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CCM SpeedBlade XS1 Replacement Steel Runner +2mm - Black

The new speedblade Xchange System was developed as a quick and easy-to-use system to swap blades out, while ensuring players a consistently maximized energy transfer and performance.

The patent pending BladeLock technology consists of a positive-lock mechanism that improves on "spring-lock" systems and tightly secures the blade to the holder to help prevent the blade from loosening or accidentally disconnecting from the holder.

Blade Technology: A mechanical lock system that keeps a tight connection between the holder and the runner at all times.

Quick and easy to swap blades: Roll the bladelock dial until you feel resistance and pull your blade out. Place your new blade into the holder, turn back the dial and you are back in the game.

Ultimate Energy Transfer System: A consistently tightly-secured blade to the holder means that energy transfer from the boot to the holder to the blade is maximized in every stride.

CCM SpeedBlade - Sizing Chart - 2016-2020 Models
Skate Size 01.0 01.5 02.0 02.5 03.0 03.5 04.0 04.5 05.0 05.5 06.0 06.5 07.0 07.5 08.0 08.5 09.0 09.5 10.0 10.5 11.0 11.5 12.0 12.5
Blade Length 215 221 230 238 247 255 263 271 280 287 295 304