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Review CCM S19 Super Tacks AS2 PRO One Piece Stick - Junior

CCM S19 Super Tacks AS2 PRO One Piece Stick - Junior

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New for 2019, CCM's Super Tacks AS2 Pro is cutting edge tech and an optimized design to make the stick a modern mid-kick performance powerhouse.
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CCM S19 Super Tacks AS2 Pro Composite One Piece Stick - Junior

Cutting-edge tech and an optimized design make the Super Tacks AS2 Pro a modern mid-kick performance powerhouse. An upgraded mid-kick stiffness profile maximizes loading while delivering heightened stability and control. A new optimized taper design reduces weight by 10 grams, resulting in a beautifully balanced stick with an exceptional feel.

Max Loading Mid Kick - Using CCM Shooting Performance Lab data, we optimized the position of the softer flex zone while improving the transition to the stiff taper zone for maximum shot power and accuracy.

X-Flow Technology - CCM's X-Flow advanced molding technology provides higher quality and consistency throughout the shaft. Excess resin and voids are removed during the molding process, resulting in improved durability and reduced stick weight.

Optimized Stability and Control - CCM optimized the design of the taper and hosel area to create a well-balanced stick that provides greater stability and control when leaning into a shot. The optimized vertical flex allows the player to generate more power while the stiffer taper reduces twist and increases response for greater shot accuracy.

Kick Point: Max Loading Mid Kick A soft mid-section allows for a longer loading period to store more energy, while the stiff taper zone maximizes stability and response.
Blade: ACU4 XX-Stiff Blade CCM's stiffest blade with lightweight construction features a tactile surface form maximum feel and shot control plus a reinforced toe and heel for unmatched durability.
Shaft Technology: X-Flow Technology an advanced molding technology that eliminates excess resin and voids for improved shaft quality, consistency and durability while reducing overall stick weight.
Material: Sigmatex Developed by a world leader in aerospace technology specifically for CCM, this high-performance spread tow fabric features an innovative weaving process that provides lightweight strength and resilience.
Available Flexes 50 Flex - 52"  
  40 Flex - 49"  
Blade Patterns: P28 / P29 / P88  


CCM - Blade Chart 2019

pattern name position size openess benefits
duchene p14 heel small closed shallow pocket offers great stick handling and backhand shots
jones p15 heel medium opened deeper heel curve for power and control of shots
lid p20 heel medium opened great for getting the puck on net quickly and to pinpoint passes
mcdavid p28 mid / toe big opened great for toe drags and hitting the top shelf
crosby p29 mid big opened the all-in-one, accurate passing, good control and a hard shot
parise p30 mid medium closed slight hook at the toe is great for stick handling while the closed face provides great control on shots
forsberg p38 mid / heel medium slightly opened quick release for maximum shooting accuracy
mackinnon p40 mid medium closed good for stick handling and controlling shots
tavares p45 mid medium slightly opened mid curve provides control and accuracy
bergeron p46 mid / toe big opened deep pocket helps cradle the puck
ovechkin p88 mid medium closed good for stick handling and controlling pucks