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CCM S18 Super Tacks AS1 Goalie Skate Senior

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    Super Tacks AS1 Goalie Skate

    SUPER TACKS AS1 GOALIE SKATE - After revolutionizing player skates with the introduction of Super Tacks, it's now time for CCM to bring its leading innovation to goalie skates. Introducing the all-new Super Tacks AS1 goalie skate featuring a pioneering one-piece boot specifically designed for goalies' movements and performance needs and for a more enhanced fit.

    DUAL ZONE 360 - A one-piece boot with a dual stiffness profile specifically designed for goalies' fit and performance needs. A more flexible upper provides additional comfort and helps the goalie's foot movement for better power pushes. A super stiff carbon composite under boot helps provide excellent energy transfer and responsiveness during power pushes.

    ASYMMETRIC FLEX STANCE CONTOUR - A lower cut boot collar, shaped and molded to allow the goalie to flex deep into the stance for a fast butterfly drop and to also benefit from extremely quick recovery and speed to power-push position.

    ATTACK PROFILE HOLDER - A new-age holder engineered with a minimalist design to provide goalies with a best in class angle of attack and significantly reduced weight, all while offering the protection they need.

    CCM Super Tacks AS1 Goalie Skate

    Quarter Package: Dual Zone 360 Technology One-piece boot frame with stiff lower portion an dflexible upper for comfort.
    Material: Carbon Composite Premium carbon composite offers excellent energy transfer for power pushes.
    Fit: Anatomical Form-fitting one-piece boot frame increases the foot contact area with the entire skate boot.
    Core: SpeedCore 3 Stiffness Super lighweight, rigid and thermo-formable core generating ultimate performance. 
    Boot Collar: Asymmetric Flex Stance Designed to allow the goalie to flex deeper into the stance and benefit from extremely quick recovery to stand back up.
    Tongue: Tritech Flex with Molded Lace-Bite Protection Advanced protection, comfort and the forward flex goalies need.
    Liner: TotalDri Pro with Durazone Abrasion Protection High performance moisture-wicking material keeps feet dry and skates light.
    Midsole: Lightweight Composite Midsole Enhanced energy transfer platform for blade to boot interface.
    Footbed: D30 Comfort Footbed Insole with extra comfort and support specifically for goalies.
    Holder: Attack Profile Holder Extra light goalie holder with low-rim design an dhighlye reinforced toe and blade area to protect goalie and skate.
    Runner: Prolite G Black High performance blade with oxide treatment for a longer edge life and a greater resistance to corrosion.

    Sizes: Senior: 6 - 11 - D - Full/ Half

    Senior: 7 - 9.5 - EE - Full/ Half
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