The MYBauer Custom Skate Platform was created for Best-In-Class Customization
Easy, Efficient and Detailed
Delivering on a unique and engaging in-store experience

My Bauer Custom Skate PlayerJerry's Hockey can help you create the
Bauer Skates of your dreams in five easy steps!

Step 1: We will build you a player profile.
Step 2: We use Bauer's 3D scanner to scan your foot. Creating the perfect scan will allow Bauer to create a custom mold of your foot allowing for a perfect Skate!
Step 3: We will analyze the scan. We add notes to let Bauer know if you have any trouble spots or need two different size boots.
Step 4: We let you configure and customize your skates.
     * - Choose your eyelet options. - Injected or Standard
     * - Choose your skate liner.
          * - Lock-Fit Pro Liner or Grip Liner
     * - Choose your Tongue.
          * - Bauer has 5 Options to choose from.
              * - Flex-Lock Pro / Re-Flex Pro / Classic Felt / Classic Double Felt / Classic Molded Felt
     * - Choose your Steel - Bauer has 3 Options to choose from.
          * - Tuuk LS5 Carbon Steel / Tuuk LS3 Steel / Tuuk LS2 Steel
     * - Personalize your skate with YOUR Name and Number
          * - Name - 13 Characters Max (including spaces)
          * - Number - 2 Numbers Max
Step 5: We submit your order to Bauer
Step 6: The hard part - In about four (4) weeks your custom Bauer Skates made to YOUR Specifications arrives!

Jerry's Hockey has two BAUER 3D Fit Scanners to help customers create their perfect skate.