MyBauer Skates

The MyBauer Custom Skate Platform
Created for Best-In-Class Customization
Easy, Efficient and Detailed
Delivering on a unique and engaging
in-store experience


Jerry's Hockey can help you create the Bauer Skates of your dreams in only five easy steps!

Step 1:  We will build you a player profile.

Step 2:  We use Bauer's 3D scanner to scan your foot. Creating the perfect scan will allow Bauer to create a custom mold of your foot allowing for the perfect skate!

Step 3:  We will analyze the scan. We add notes to let Bauer know if you have any trouble spots or need two different size boots.

Step 4:  We let you configure and customize your skates.

  • Choose your eyelet options: Injected or Standard
  • Choose your skate liner: Lock-Fit Pro or Grip Liner
  • Choose your tongue: Bauer has five (5) options to choose from:
    • Flex-Lock Pro
    • Re-Flex Pro
    • Classic Felt
    • Classic Double Felt
    • Classic Molded Felt
  • Choose your steel: Bauer has three (3) options to choose from:
    • Tuuk LS Pulse TI Edge Steel
    • Tuuk LS Pulse Edge Steel
    • Tuuk LS Carbonlite Steel
  • Personalize your skates with YOUR Name and Number
    • Name - 13 Characters Max (including spaces)
    • Number - 2 Numbers Max

Step 5: We submit your order to Bauer!

Now the hard part... In about eight (8) weeks your Custom Bauer Skates made to YOUR Specification arrive!

Jerry's Hockey has Four Bauer 3D Fit Scanners to help customers create their perfect skate.