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CCM S18 Premier II Goal Stick Senior

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    CCM Premier II Goal Stick

    SILVER SIGMATEX SPREAD-TOW TECHNOLOGY - Improves performance due to its ligher weight while providing great strength on the paddle and shaft. The lighter design appeals to goalies while eliminating the weight added by extra paint.

    SHAFT IMPROVEMENTS - Better consistency in shaft compaction minimizes weak points, providing greater corner strength.

    ADDED FEEL - Dampening of vibrations due to ZeroFlux technology gives goalies better rebound control while providing great shooting and passing control.

    CCM Premier II Goal Stick
    Construction: Composite Structure Featuring ZeroFlux Technology A lightweight structure designed to diminish vibrations for uncompromised feel and rebound control.
    Shaft: Better Compactoin Consistency Enhanced durablility due to greater shaft strenght.
    Material: Silver Sigmatex Shaft and Paddle An exclusive spread tow fabric developed by one fo the world's leaders in composite technology that is not only ultra-lightweight, but very stronge due to its high tension weaving process.
    Grip: Re-Designed and Improved Stiktak Grip Redesigned and re-oriented raised grip to provide greater control while shortening the grip area on the backhand for a quicker poke check.

    Patterns: CRAWFORD - L/R

    SR: 27" / 26" / 25"

    PRICE - L/R

    SR: 27" / 26" / 25"


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