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Fearless. Fighter. Brave. Spunk. Courage. Spirit. Love. Grit. Faith. Positive. Badass. Friend. Mother. Karen.

Jerry's Hockey is PROUD and HONORED to been a part of Karen's life. And will continue to CELEBRATE her life, her goals, and her wishes. Jerry's has joined TEAMKAREN and will be making a $10.00 dollar donation for every TEAM KAREN hat sold to help get her message out and to let people know

"It's a beautiful day to be alive."

The main goal of the Team Karen foundation is to continue to grow Karen’s message of positivity and optimism as well develop an ever-growing community who encourages each other to always keep a smile on your face, no matter  how tough the battle may seem.  Team Karen intends to create an environment where cheerfulness and joy is the common denominator in everything we do.  During her fight, Karen communicated with so many others who were also in her shoes; afraid, sad, confused and angry about a diagnosis they did not deserve.  She understood they viewed their days ahead as dark and miserable, but she always urged them to see the good in life, to continue to make memories with your loved ones no matter how dark the days ahead may seem.  Team Karen intends on raising funds to give cancer fighters a chance to continue to make memories.  These donations are intended for these warriors to use for whatever they should choose: a vacation with their family, a huge night out with their friends, relieving the stress of medical bills, or anything that will help these fighters continue to make happy memories with their loved ones and keep a smile on their faces.