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Review True S19 Dynamic 9 Hockey Helmet - ONLY

True S19 Dynamic 9 Hockey Helmet - ONLY

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True Hockey S19 Dynamic 9 Hockey Helmet - ONLY

True Hockey's new Dynamic 9 Pro Hockey Helmet is built with the MIPS Technology, this is one of the most protective helmets on the market.

Highlighting the Dynamic 9 Pro Helmet is the MIPS Brain Protection System. IN traditional tests to determine helmet protection, a helmet is dropped onto a flat surface and results are studied based on that. However, the MIPS System was designed to protect against more "realistic" impacts that are found in ice hockey. The system is an integrated, low-friction layer that helps absorb the impacts and redirects the force throughout the helmet. This significantly reduces the amount of minor or severe brain injuries.

Not only is the True Dynamic 9 Pro Hockey Helmet one of the most protective on the market, it is also incredibly light and comfortable. Utilizing an ultra-lightweight one-piece EPP shell, it is the lightest helmet in its class.

Throughout the interior of the helmet are interchangeable Fitpads that allow player to customize how the helmet fits around the sides and back of the head. It comes with 5mm, 10mm, and 15mm pads providing 360-degree adjustability and a personalized fit. This equates to an adjustment size of 5% larger or smaller.

To top everything off, the Dynamic 9 Pro Helmet features a hydrophobic layer on the interior that helps keep players dry and comfortable by wicking away moisture.


  • MIPS Brain Protection System
    • Reduces and absorbs rotational impact forces by redirecting the energy through the integrated, low-friction inner layer.
    • The inner layer and the exterior shell can move 10-15mm independently of one another, which allows the exterior to absorb more of the impact energy before it reaches the player's head.
  • One-Piece, uni-body shell construction
    • This unique process eliminates any gap in protection since the EPP foam now fills in every nook and cranny, unlike traditionally built two-piece helmets.
    • This design also significantly reduces weight throughout the helmet and makes it even more protective by reducing the whiplash effect heavy helmets can have.
  • EPP Foam Base with key Absor Foam placement
    • A feather-light combination of materials that excel in a range of impact absorption without compromising comfort.


  • Interchangeable Side and Rear Fit Pads
    • Three different thickness options to dial in the perfect fit.


  • Dual-layered foam contact points create ultimate comfort and fit.
True Helmet Sizing Chart
Dynamic 9
Size Hat Size Circumference (cm.)
Small 6 5/8" - 7" 53 - 56
Medium 7" - 7 3/8" 56 - 59
Large 7 3/8" - 7 3/4" 59 - 62
Please Note: Sizing information is provided by the manufacture and does not guarantee a perfect fit.