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Review Vaughn S19 Ventus SLR2 Catch Glove - Youth

Vaughn S19 Ventus SLR2 Catch Glove - Youth

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Vaughn Ventus SLR2 Catch Glove - Youth


  • large front catch profile for an open pocket area
  • wide and extra deep t-web pocket for puck retention
  • molded front thumb, back, thumb, and palm section for added shape and performance
  • neoprene flex inner hand for glove control
  • positive grip inner hand base
  • padded wrist strap with increased adjustment
  • fingertip deflecting rail
  • easy close construction
  • flared back cuff for increased wrist movement
  • heat moldable for custom fit and quicker break-in
  • notched heel for stick placement while shooting
  • adjustable wrist strap

Available standard colors: white/black - white/blue - white/red