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Review Warrior Ritual V1 Pro SE Goal Stick - Senior

Warrior Ritual V1 Pro SE Goal Stick - Senior

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Warrior Goalie is proud to introduce the newest iteration of the Ritual line of composite goal sticks. The Warrior Ritual V1 Pro SE Senior Goalie Stick has specific characteristics built for performance and durability.

Warrior S19 Ritual V1 Pro SE Goal Stick - Senior

The Ritual V1 Pro SE from Warrior is a composite goalie stick that succeeds, and exceeds the previous CR1 goal stick line. The V1 Pro SE is a Q4 launch that adds to the Ritual lineup of goal stick with some unique color ways.

Shaft Construction: The shaft construction of the V1 Pro SE has quite a few advantages that work in its favor. One of the most prominent is the VibexLite technology, which dampens vibration from direct shots to a point that most composite sticks struggle to get to. The HiFused Construction also helps with the balance of the stick overall to ensure that the stick is not heel heavy. Finally an Impact Fiber layer has been added to help with durability from direct shots when you can't get the blocker in front in time.

Paddle Construction: The paddle of the Warrior Ritual V1 Pro SE uses a few technologies to take it above and beyond the rest. The TwinSpar paddle construction gives the stick solid pop for a better shot, and the minimus Carbon 1000 ensures a durable and light platform for excellent feel during play.


  • Minimus Carbon 1000
  • SlideGrip Technology
  • VibexLite - Vibration Reduction Technology
  • HiFused Construction - Super light balanced feel
  • Impact Fiber Layer - Enhanced shaft durability
  • TwinSpar Paddle Reinforcement - Engineered to enhance shooting
  • Clear gloss Paddle