CCM Proline Waxed Laces
Article code 698548710118
CCM Proline Waxed Hockey Laces for ice or street hockey. Comes in various colors and lengths for your personal preference.
CCM Proline Wide Laces
CCM Proline Wide Hockey Laces for ice or street hockey. Comes in various colors and lengths for your personal preference.
Bauer Can't Beat Hockey - Skate Lace - Blue
Bauer - Can't Beat Hockey - Skate Lace
Small items can make a big difference in your hockey community! Proceeds from this item will help local hockey families in need get their kids back on the ice this year!
Buttendz Twirl 88 Grip
Buttendz Twirl 88 Stick Grip is designed for the player who is looking for peak, top-hand control. The raised Twirl line, gives the players an unparalleled feel on the fingertips and palm that increases puck control and performance.
CCM Step XS Replacement Steel Runner - CHROME
Article code 191520285142
The CCM Step Steel SpeedBlade XS Runners are made from high grade steel with a high polish finish. They have a high precision raised profile to give hockey players a better turning radius, a superior glide, and a longer-lasting sharpening life.
Winnwell Hockey Pant Suspenders
Article code 676824017267
Winnwell's Hockey Suspenders are made of Professional quality heavy-duty plush back 1.5" woven elastic straps. Available in junior and senior sizes.
Bauer TUUK LS Pulse Edge Steel - 2 Pkg
Article code 688698437362
Bauer's TUUK LS Pulse Edge Runner offers increased height and a high polish finish. Made from premium grade steel with a center balance point.
Bauer FLY-X Runner - 2 Pkg
Article code 688698606317
Bauer's FLY-X Runner offers increased height and a high polish finish. Made from premium grade steel with a center balance point.
Bauer Hyperlite Ear Loop - Replacement - White
Article code 688698503579
Designed as a replacement ear loops for the Bauer HyperLite helmet, these loops give any player an easy way to add a flair of style to their bucket and a universal fit to all brand models.
Bauer Wrist Guard - Pair
Article code 680680126261
The Bauer Slash Hockey Wrist Guards feature a plastic insert backed with foam for added wrist protection.
Bauer TUUK LS Pulse TI Edge Steel - 2 Pkg
Article code 688698437263
Bauer's TUUK LS Pulse TI Edge Runner offers increased height, mirror finish and titanium coating. Made from ultra premium steel with a center balance point.
Bauer Reactor Multi Sport Radar Gun
Article code 688698617382
Track the speed and strength of your shot... instantly. The Bauer Multi-Sport Radar Gun sets up in a breeze and is easily viewable from any angle. This training tool is perfect for on- and off- ice practices and any other off-season sport.
Jerry's Hockey - InGlas 1000ml Tall Boy Water Bottle - Straw
Article code 771249375371
Jerry's Hockey Tall Boy Water Bottles are 100% BPA Free and are made to stand up to the abuse they will take on the bench.
CCM Step XS Replacement Steel Runner - BLACK
Article code 191520284626
CCM BlackSteel SpeedBlade XS Runners are made to increase the height of the runner to get more aggressive and tighter turns and a longer lasting edge life!
Superfeet Hockey Performance Insole
Article code 086301810418
Up to 11% better acceleration on the ice, unrivaled edge control and exceptional energy transfer. Designed for tight turns, crossovers, quick starts and hard stops, SuperFeet CARBON Pro Hockey is a genuine game changer.
Bauer Modular Training Center - Starter Kit
Article code 688698646818
Starter Kit provides the player with the most popular training gear which consists of a Static Dangler to improve your stick handling skills and develop faster hands and a Sauce Passer that enhances your passing for quick puck movement up the ice.
Hockey WrapAround Dry Stick Portable Gear Holder
Introducing the Dry Stick - a portable hockey equipment drying system that will change your post-practice and play routine. Easily dry your equipment anywhere.
Elite Hockey Pro-X700 Knee Ultra Bamboo Socks - Adult
Elite Hockey's high performance, state of the art sock is technically advanced and engineered for you foot The Pro-X700 is Eco-friendly, naturally breathable
Howies Hockey Tape - Accessory Bag
Article code 610370892602
The Howie's Accessory Bag made to protect tape, store spare laces, skate stones, and to keep your whole bag organized. The Accessory Bag frees you from the burden of ruined rolls, lost wax, wandering laces, and doubling as a shower bag. After all, you h
Winnwell Premium Clamp-On Passing Aid
Article code 676824037562
Winnwell's premium clamp-on passing aid is excellent for working on passing and one-timers. The Premium Clamp-on Passing aid securely fastens to any synthetic ice or shooting pad allowing the bungee cord re-bounder to simulate real game play.
Howies Hockey - Rubber Skate Stone
Howies' soft, yet durable Rubber Stone is engineered with a rubber base infused with aluminum oxide to keep your steel's coating free of nicks, burrs, and abrasions while providing a smooth glide out on the ice.
Bauer - Aetrex Hockey Insoles
Article code 045468497702
BAUER // Aetrex® Skate Orthotics are tailored to help generate a stronger, more powerful stride by eliminating negative space in the boot and stabilizing the foot - enhancing your performance out put through every stride.
Shock Doctor - Gel Max Power Flavor Mouthguard - Youth
Article code 733313073316
Shock Doctor's Gel Max Power Flavor Fusion mouthguard gives a little extra flavor and great taste for any mouthguard user, this is high profile comfort and protection in a low-profile design. Featuring a tight, natural fit and a reinforced inner grid.
Bauer LS Pulse TI Edge Goalie Runner - 2 Pkg
Article code 688698460407
Bauer's Vertexx Edge Pulse TI Goalie Runner is made with a titanium outer coating with an ultra premium core for great performance, durability and better edge retention. The increased height on this runner will create more push off power in the crease.