Warrior Ritual G6 E+ Goal Pad - Junior
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Warrior's Ritual G6 E+ Goal Pad is a lightweight design offering CoverEDGE+ to maximize coverage using an innovative face forward design and AIRslide 3.0 provides fast sliding!
Vaughn Velocity V10 Goalie Leg Pad - Junior
Article code 803870100999
Vaughn's Velocity V10 Goalie leg pad for the junior player offers a firm front surface to give a more active rebound while quick-slide material on the inner pad edge will get you from post to post fast.
CCM AXIS 2.5 Goal Pad - Junior
$379.99 $264.99
CCM's Axis 2.5 Goal Pad has a lightweight core built for powerful rebounds, a pre-curved single inner and no break outer for quick and easy pad rotation for easy butterfly movements.
Vaughn SLR4 Goal Pad - Junior
Article code 803870101521
Vaughn's SLR4 Junior Goal Pad has a Pro inspired internal structure to provide for a stiffer structure, a balance stabilizer inside knee design and flat front blocking surface with firm construction with Bungee cord toe attachment.
Bauer GSX Goal Pad - Junior
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Bauer's GSX Goal pad helps start your goalie journey off strong. With premium technology at a competitive price point making these pads perfect for newer goalies of any age looking to get to know the position and start perfecting their mechanics.
CCM EFLEX E6.5 Goal Pad - Junior
Article code 191520631024
CCM EFlex 6.5 Goal Pad offers a quick motion strapping system to allow for a flexible feel with improved butterfly seal. Control knee rolls for great rebound predictability & control. Speedskin to make pad more lightweight and to help improve slidability
Vaughn SLR3 Goalie Leg Pad - Junior
Vaughn's SLR3 Junior Goal Pad has a full foam core internal structure and full flat front blocking surface with bungee toe cord attachment. The Vaughn SLR3 Junior Goal Pad offers a HD foam internal core front panel for superior performance.