Vaughn SLR3 Pro Goalie Pant - Senior
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Vaughn's SLR3 Pro Goalie Pant features wide thigh guards with a slight curve for added net coverage with inner five-hole blocker on inner thigh. Molded kidney protection and segmented HD inserts in the waist with a wider crotch stretch panel for added fle
CCM 1.9 Goal Pant - Senior
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CCM 1.9 Goal pant offers a Max Flex Fit built for maximum mobility while maintaining coverage, is easy to tuck. The 1.9 Goal Pant with Fit+ Inner Belt has increased padding and an ergonomic design so the pant adjusts to exactly how you want it.
Vaughn Velocity V10 Pro Goalie Pant - Senior
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Vaughn's Velocity V10 Pro Goalie Pant front panel design gives added flex while the taper fit waist section offers a secure fit. The Velocity V10 Pro has a flared waist section for easier torso movement.
Warrior Ritual X3 E+ Goal Pant - Senior
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The Warrior Ritual X3 E+ goal pant has a redesigned ergonomic hip and kidney protection with a lightweight design balancing protection and mobility.
Warrior Ritual X3 E Goal Pant - Senior
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Warrior Ritual X3 E Goalie Pant is ultra lightweight, offers the AyxCut design for making that big save! Durable and Removable suspender buttons along with no internal belt for a conventional fit make the Ritual X3 E Goal Pant a must have.