Bauer Supreme Mach Shoulder Pad - Junior
Bauer's Supreme Mach Shoulder Pads will protect your upper body like never before with full protective coverage with more flex points for added mobility so you can stay safe on the ice while performing at your best. 
Bauer Vapor 3X Shoulder Pad - Junior
Article code 688698537970
Bauer's Vapor 3X Shoulder Pad delivers the perfect balance of protection, comfort, and flexibility for the competitive player. The low profile shoulder cap keeps everything covered on the ice The VENTAPRENE vest allows for superior comfort and flexibility
Bauer Vapor 3X Pro Shoulder Pad - Junior
Article code 688698537963
Bauer Vapor 3x Pro Shoulder Pad delivers elite level protection at an incredible value. AEROLITE cap technology brings the lightest option to this price point. The floating sternum on top of the VENTAPRENE vest allows for more movement and flexibility.
Bauer X Shoulder Pad - Junior
Article code 688698472189
The Bauer X Shoulder Pad is Extreme Comfort with a fresh graphic design. The Bauer X shoulder pad is designed with comfort in mind and uses a very soft Flexcell foam and sleeve fit to keep your movements natural and comfortable.
CCM JetSpeed FT680 Shoulder Pad - Junior
Article code 191520663438
CCM's JetSpeed FT680 Shoulder pad is a low-profile design providing an extra layer of protection while providing improved flexibility that won't slow down the competitive player.
Bauer Vapor HyperLite Shoulder Pad - Junior
Article code 688698537949
Bauer's Vapor Hyperlite Shoulder Pad provides the lightest elite level protection so you can play your fastest from start to finish. A SHOCKLite foam insert added to the floating sternum and spine increases protection on the flexible VENTAPRENE vest.
Winnwell AMP500 Shoulder Pad - Junior
Article code 676824026641
Winnwell's AMP500 Junior Shoulder pad is perfect addition for the player who is ready to take on the game.
Bauer Supreme M3 Shoulder Pad - Junior
Article code 688698601596
Throw on the Bauer Supreme M3 shoulder pads, and hit the ice with confidence. The Supreme M3 shoulder pads have a low-profile, full-coverage cap and added flex points to give you the mobility you need to enjoy the game.
CCM JetSpeed FT6 Shoulder Pad - Junior
Article code 191520663377
JetSpeed FT6 Shoulder Pad designed to offer maximum breathability in a highly mobile, lightweight yet reliable protective package. Players will feel lighter and cooler than ever and be able to play their best game yet, all while being well-protected.
CCM Tacks 9550 Shoulder Pad - Junior
The CCM Tacks 9550 hockey shoulder pad offers reliable and functional protection with a light feel and is ideal for recreational use. The CCM 9550 shoulder pad offers molded PE shoulder caps for light weight protection.