Warrior Ritual G6.1 E+ Goal Blocker - Senior
Article code 647742507369
Warrior's Ritual G6.1 E+ Goal Blocker has a 35 degree board shape helping pucks to be deflected low towards the corner. The Ritual G6.1+ has a thinner board providing high rebound speed while the more curved board profile prevents puck skipover.
Brian's GNETiK X5 Goalie Blocker - Senior
Brian's Custom Pro GNETik X5 Goal Blocker is lightweight with a squared balanced blocker board and a beveled nose for securing the blocker to the ice with the paddle down. With a wide cuff opening with high density sidewall protection and more...
Vaughn SLR4 Pro Goalie Blocker - Senior
Article code 803870300375
Vaughn's SLR4 Pro Goalie Blocker shape is designed to maximize net coverage with a laced down board front surface for superior puck deflection and control.
Bauer Vapor X5 Pro Goalie Blocker - Senior
Article code 688698586930
Bauer's Vapor X5 Pro Goalie Blocker features updated materials for premium balance and a lightweight feel while a new optimized hand position and ergonomic backhand design helps keep the blocker square with the shooter as you take your stance.
Bauer Vapor HyperLite2 Goalie Blocker - Senior
Article code 688698576562
Bauer's Vapor Hyperlite2 Goalie Blocker has an all-new ergonomic design and lightweight materials, Bauer's signature rebound pop has never been lighter or more comfortable.
CCM AXIS 2 Goal Blocker - Senior
$469.99 $324.99
Take control and deflect pucks with precise and powerful direction. The Axis 2 blocker features LITECORE technology making it CCM's lightest blocker that is built for balance and power. DURAPALM brings the ultimate comfort and feel
True Catalyst 7X3 Goalie Blocker - Senior
Article code 681489061463
Engineered to protect against the hardest shots and redirect pucks where desired. Features SureGrip palm material, straight index protection, and a face edge designed for deflecting pucks in a game-ready, off-the-shelf package.
CCM EFLEX E6.9 Goalie Blocker - Senior
Article code 191520629878
CCM EFlex E6.9 Goalie Blocker offers a Flex Motion Cuff, an adjustable cuff with a maximum range of motion. A straight sidewall for a great feel and mobility when holding the stick. The CCM EFlex E6.9 Goal Blocker also offers a Quick Release Strap.