Vaughn S18 Velocity VE8 XP Catch Glove - Intermediate
Brand new for 2018, Vaughn Custom Sports releases the newest creation in their most accomplished Velocity family line, the Vaughn Velocity VE8 Intermediate Goalie Glove.
CCM S19 Extreme Flex E4.9 Goal Catch Glove - Intermediate
Ultimate culmination of play-ability and feel the new Extreme Flex 4.9 Catch Glove is meticulously engineered and handcrafted to a game ready feel.
Bauer S19 Vapor 2X Goalie Catch Glove - Intermediate
Warrior S19 Ritual GT2 Goal Catch Glove- Intermediate
Brian's S19 OPTiK 9.0 Catch Glove - Intermediate