CCM YFLEX3 Goalie Blocker - Youth
Article code 191520437572
Even the smallest goalies have big dreams. With CCM's YTFLEX 3, they'll be able to learn how to make saves like their favorite goalies. YTFLEX 3 is built to help them make every save with confidence!
Vaughn Velocity V10 Goalie Blocker - Youth
Article code 803870300351
Vaughn's Velocity V10 Youth Goal Blocker features a curved flare at the top of the blocking board and a side shield for added coverage and protection. Along with a contoured cuff for increased wrist movement and full finger protection.
Warrior Ritual G6 E+ Goal Blocker - Youth
Article code 647742507789
Warrior's Ritual G6 E+ Goal Blocker has a flatter board profile to present a larger surface area to the shooter. The Ritual G6 E+ has an open cuff design for maximum wrist mobility while the thicker board provides maximum rebound speed.
Vaughn SLR3 Goalie Blocker - Youth
Vaughn's SLR3 Youth Goalie Blocker brings an angled top blocking board with air cushioned back hand shock pad. SLR3 Youth Goalie Blocker brings has full finger protection and a full side shield had protection with an adjustable wrist strap.
Bauer GSX Prodigy Goalie Blocker - Youth
The Bauer GSX Prodigy Youth Goalie Blocker has dual density foam in the blocker board, an off-set 2-piece side plate, velcro closure on the cuff and more...