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Bauer Reactor Multi Sport Radar Gun
Article code 688698617382
Track the speed and strength of your shot... instantly. The Bauer Multi-Sport Radar Gun sets up in a breeze and is easily viewable from any angle. This training tool is perfect for on- and off- ice practices and any other off-season sport.
Bauer Reactor Shooting and Stick Handling Kit
Article code 688698617375
Improve your reaction time and shooting accuracy to make your game stronger. Designed to fit any hockey net and to help continue improving your essential hockey skills has never been more fun.
Bauer Reactor Balance Board
Article code 688698617313
Bauer's Training Balance Board brings a fun and creative way to improve your hockey skills. The balance board engages your core and works on your balance. Combine with other drills to work on your stickhandling skills at the same time.
Bauer Digital Reactor Stick Handling Trainer
Article code 688698617290
Bauer's Digital Stick Handler gives you the freedom to create more custom puck control and stickhandling drills with the ability to keep track of your results. It's an excellent training/ warm-up tool for players of all skill levels.
Bauer Reactor Skating/Slide Board
Article code 688698617283
The fully adjustable Bauer Slide Board Pro was designed to build muscles to help you elevate your skating skills. It helps you work on lateral power, agility and endurance so you're quicker on the ice and quicker to the puck .