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Travis Mathew - Penalty Shot - Snapback
Article code 688698686418
The official hat of the Puck Nerd. The TravisMathew X BAUER PENALTY SHOT snapback incorporates a retro rope design and features all of your favorite things.
Travis Mathew - Empty Netter - Snapback
Article code 688698686401
The iconic TravisMathew skeleton - now sporting a hockey helmet. Whether you're headed to the course or the rink, the TravisMathew X BAUER EMPTY NETTER snapback is an easy score for your outfit.
Travis Mathew - Face Off - Snapback
Article code 688698686395
Your love of hockey just found a new outlet. The TravisMathew X BAUER FACE OFF snapback features a goalie helmet on a tombstone patch so you can celebrate your favorite sport and your favorite brand.
Travis Mathew - Fresh Ice - Snapback
Article code 688698686388
Few things in life are better than fresh ice. The TravisMathew X BAUER FRESH ICE snapback features the iconic Mapes golf cart with a hockey twist - making it perfect for anyone who hits the rink in the winter and the green in the summer.
Travis Mathew - Have a Go - Snapback
Article code 688698686371
The TravisMathew X BAUER HAVE A GO snapback has you covered from rink to range. Featuring a patch that puts these athletes from both sports front and center, you'll never have to feel like you're picking favorites again.
Travis Mathew - Glacier Hike - Hoodie
Article code 688698686791
Crafted from the best-selling, famously soft Cloud fabric - the TravisMathew X BAUER GLACIER HIKE hoodie celebrates all things hockey with a front-and-back graphic that highlights one of the greatest collaborations in sports.
Travis Mathew - Toe Drag - Hoodie
Article code 688698686746
TravisMathew X BAUER TOE DRAG Hoodie - crafted from the best-selling, famously soft Cloud fabric. So, this incredibly comfortable layer is there to help you handle the coldest conditions. 
Travis Mathew - Scoring Change - Quarter Zip
Article code 688698686692
The mid-weight lifestyle performance layer you need from the rink to the range. The TravisMathew X BAUER SCORING CHANGE quarter-zip combines your love of golf and hockey into one versatile piece.
Travis Mathew - Cherry Picker - Tee
Article code 688698686647
The two greatest sports on Earth join forces on the TravisMathew X BAUER CHERRY PICKER t-shirt. Show your love for the games with a design that features the [in]famous Mapes golf cart sporting a trunk full of hockey sticks.
Travis Mathew - Beachway - Tee
Article code 688698686593
Hang loose in the exclusive TravisMathew X BAUER BEACHWAY t-shirt. Featuring a soft construction and a hockey glove shooting the shaka sign - you can have no worries on the ice or in the water. 
Travis Mathew - Outside Rink - Tee
Article code 688698686548
Where golf meets hockey. The TravisMathew X BAUER OUTSIDE RINK t-shirt lets you show off your love for your two favorite sports.
Travis Mathew - Dump N' Chase - Tee
Article code 688698686494
Sip back and relax. The TravisMathew X BAUER DUMP AND CHASE t-shirt is the perfect fit for any Puck Nerd who loves a lazy summer afternoon. 
Travis Mathew - Goal Post - Tee
Article code 688698686449
If hockey is life, this is for you. The TravisMathew X BAUER GOAL POST t-shirt features a small-scale goalie mask design across and ultra-soft fabric that will make you want to wear it again and again.
Travis Mathew - Puck Drop - Polo
Article code 688698686180
A color-block polo inspired by the home of hockey. The TravisMathew X BAUER PUCK DROP Polo lets you celebrate your love of the game form the rink to the range.
Travis Mathew - Mitts Off - Polo
Article code 688698686135
Pay homage to the hockey gods even when you're on the golf course. The TravisMathew x BAUER MITTS OFF Polo is designed with an all-over pattern featuring TravisMathew's iconic skull wearing a hockey helmet so you can represent at the rink and range. 
Bauer - Aetrex Hockey Insoles
Article code 045468497702
BAUER // Aetrex® Skate Orthotics are tailored to help generate a stronger, more powerful stride by eliminating negative space in the boot and stabilizing the foot - enhancing your performance out put through every stride.
Bauer OOFOS Sport Sandal - Black
Article code 688698692068
BAUER OOFOS Sport Sandal is the perfect companion for recovering between games and training sessions. Featuring OOfoam™ technology, these sandals absorb up to 37% more impact than traditional foams.
Bauer Everything for the Game Tee - Adult
Article code 688698692259
Bauer's Everything for the Game tee is a vintage unisex tee featuring Ultra Soft cotton/polyester blend, side-seamed and 1x1 ribbed collar with Lycra for enhanced durability. Screen print front logo and retro unisex fit.
Bauer Stickhandling Ball - 6oz
Article code 688698646924
Bauer's Stickhandling Ball helps players develop a "feel" for the puck and super "soft" hands for better stickhandling, shooting and passing. 
Bauer Multi Surface Training Puck
Article code 688698646900
Bauer's Multi Surface Training Puck is engineered to accurately simulate the weight, bounce, slide and contact height of an ice hockey puck so players can transition from off-ice training to on-ice play without noticing a difference.
Bauer Reactor Extendible Dangler - 18-30"
Article code 688698617337
Bauer's Extendible Reactor Dangler gives the player the freedom to create more custom puck control and stickhandling drills.
Bauer Reactor Extendible 3 Arm Dangler - 15-24"
Article code 688698617320
Bauer's Extendible Stick Handling Dangler gives you the freedom to create more custom puck control and stick handling drills.
Bauer Modular Training Center - Starter Kit
Article code 688698646818
Starter Kit provides the player with the most popular training gear which consists of a Static Dangler to improve your stick handling skills and develop faster hands and a Sauce Passer that enhances your passing for quick puck movement up the ice.
Bauer Modular Training Center - Rebounder
Article code 688698646801
Bauer's Modular Training Center Rebounder helps the player practice their passing and one-timers with the high rebound rubber that returns the puck back to the shooter/passer.