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CCM S17 Tacks 710 Helmet with Facemask
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The new Tacks helmet was designed to offer state of the art comfort and fit. With a completely new comfort liner, it delivers an amazing fit. An elite level of protection in incorporated with the use of D30 Lite and R.E.D system materials.
CCM S17 Tacks 310 Helmet with Facemask
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CCM S18 FitLite Helmet with Facemask - Junior
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New for 2018, CCM has introduced the CCM FL3DS Junior Hockey Helmet Combo. The FL3DS Junior is specifically made for players that fall between the age ranges of 7 to 11 years old and includes features to help the helmet fit properly as players grow.
CCM S18 FitLite 90 Helmet with Facemask
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New for 2018, the CCM FL90 uses a combination of protective foams with and adjustable fit. CCM's new addition offers pro level protection with a lightweight feel and price.