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CCM Tacks XF80 Shoulder Pad - Junior
Article code 191520818296
CCM TACKS XF shoulder pads are constructed from dual-layer PE foam with compress-molded panels, these pads offer low-profile protection suitable for any competitive level.
CCM Tacks XF Pro Shoulder Pad - Junior
Article code 191520818135
CCM TACKS XF PRO shoulder pads with the innovative AER-TEC suspension system in the bicep area creates a space between the body and equipment, allowing airflow to keep you cool.
CCM JetSpeed FT680 Shoulder Pad - Junior
Article code 191520663438
CCM's JetSpeed FT680 Shoulder pad is a low-profile design providing an extra layer of protection while providing improved flexibility that won't slow down the competitive player.
CCM JetSpeed FT6 Shoulder Pad - Junior
Article code 191520663377
JetSpeed FT6 Shoulder Pad designed to offer maximum breathability in a highly mobile, lightweight yet reliable protective package. Players will feel lighter and cooler than ever and be able to play their best game yet, all while being well-protected.
CCM Tacks 9550 Shoulder Pad - Junior
The CCM Tacks 9550 hockey shoulder pad offers reliable and functional protection with a light feel and is ideal for recreational use. The CCM 9550 shoulder pad offers molded PE shoulder caps for light weight protection.