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Bauer LS Pulse TI Edge Goalie Runner - 2 Pkg
Article code 688698460407
Bauer's Vertexx Edge Pulse TI Goalie Runner is made with a titanium outer coating with an ultra premium core for great performance, durability and better edge retention. The increased height on this runner will create more push off power in the crease.
Bauer Player Steel Sleeve
Article code 688698508062
Bauer's Players Steel Sleeve has two (2) internal pockets to safely store two (2) sets of blade, identification pockets and a skate accessory pocket. Everything you need to make sure your extra sets of steel are set for the road trip.
Bauer TUUK LS CarbonLite Steel - 2 Pkg
Article code 688698487879
Bauer's TUUK LS Carbonlite Runner is ultra lightweight using a carbon fiber as a stabilizing spine for torsional flex of the steel.
Bauer TUUK LS Pulse TI Edge Steel - 2 Pkg
Article code 688698437263
Bauer's TUUK LS Pulse TI Edge Runner offers increased height, mirror finish and titanium coating. Made from ultra premium steel with a center balance point.
Bauer TUUK LS Pulse Edge Steel - 2 Pkg
Article code 688698437362
Bauer's TUUK LS Pulse Edge Runner offers increased height and a high polish finish. Made from premium grade steel with a center balance point.