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True Catalyst 7X3 Goalie Catch Glove - Intermediate
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Engineered for optimal mobility and ease of closure. Featuring a 590 cuff thumb and SureGrip palm material, combined with an Offset T, this design combines fit, comfort, and performance in a game-ready, off-the-shelf package. 
Bauer Vapor X5 Pro Goalie Catch Glove - Intermediate
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The Vapor X5 Pro Goalie Catch Glove is designed for the performance-level goalie looking to step up their game. Get the feel of Vapor full-hand closure with added control foam to help absorb impacts, smother rebounds and glove more shots from any angle.
CCM EFLEX E6.9 Goal Catch Glove - Intermediate
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CCM Eflex 6.9 Goalie Catch Glove is built to be a part of your personal highlight reel. With protection to give you confidence to face every shot in games, warmups and practices. With added flexibility for improved closure and control.
Bauer Supreme M5 Pro Goal Catch Glove - Intermediate
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Bauer's Supreme M5 Pro Goalie Catch Glove brings performance-level coverage plus protection plus range of motion with CATCHLITE Material in the palm and T-Trap.
CCM AXIS 2.9 Goal Catch Glove - Intermediate
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CCM's Axis 2.9 Goalie Catch Glove has a game-day ready fit and layered foam protection for easy break-in and puck absorption, LiteCore™ a lightweight one-piece cuff design.
Brian's OPTiK X2 Catch Glove - Intermediate
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The updated Optik X2 brings a price point version of Brian's successful Optik line. The catch glove has been re-designed with a lightweight game day feel to provide Brian's pro level craftsmanship in a price point model.