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CCM S19 JetSpeed FT490 Ice Hockey Skate - Senior
CCM S19 JetSpeed FT490 Ice Hockey Skate - Junior
CCM S19 JetSpeed FT2 Ice Hockey Skate - Senior
The JetSpeed FT2 skate is the evolution of the first one-piece boot skate in the JetSpeed family. Introduced with the brand new LITE FRAME 360 EVO technology, the JetSpeed FT2 surpasses all of the expectations of a lightweight and high performance skate.
CCM S17 JetSpeed Xtra Pro+ Skate - Senior
$449.99 $329.99
Jerry's Hockey SMU CCM JetSpeed XTRA Pro+ Ice Hockey Skate has ALL the features of the CCM JetSpeed FT380 but the JetSpeed XTRA Pro+ has FIVE Upgrades to make this skate stand above the JetSpeed FT380.
CCM S17 JetSpeed FT1 Skate - Senior
$899.99 $449.99
JetSpeed FT1 is the first ever one-piece boot frame skate in the JetSpeed family. Featuring LITEFRAME 360 technology, the JetSpeed FT1 is a highly refined skate design with leading edge engineering to help maximize a player's speed on the ice.