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Bauer GSX Goal Pant - Junior - Black
Article code 688698598841
Bauer's GSX Junior Goal Pant is designed to offer the protection and mobility needed for newer or recreational level goalies looking to learn the game.
CCM F5 Goal Pant - Junior
Article code 191520791513
CCM F5 goalie pants offer great comfort and mobility to young goalies. The FLEXMOTION design with segmented protection protects goalies while ensuring they can move dynamically for every save.
Vaughn SLR4 Goalie Pant - Junior
Article code 803870500812
Vaughn's SLR4 Junior Goalie Pant has a wider looser style fit with lace-up front waist to provide increased adjustment and wider profile.
Warrior Ritual X4 E+ Goal Pant - Junior
Article code 647742639206
The Warrior Ritual X4 E+ goal pant has a redesigned ergonomic hip and kidney protection with a lightweight design balancing protection and mobility.
Vaughn Velocity V10 Goalie Pant - Junior
Article code 803870500553
Vaughn's Velocity V10 Junior Goalie Pant offers a taper fit waist, is wider at the hips for added room, has large segmented tail bone padding and a flared waist section for easier torso movement.
Vaughn SLR3 Goalie Pant - Junior
Vaughn's SLR3 Junior Goal Pant features wide thigh guards with a slight curve for added net coverage with inner five-hole blocker on inner thigh. SLR3 Junior Goal pant has molded kidney protection and segmented HD inserts in the waist.
CCM 1.5 Goal Pant - Junior
Article code 191520214319
$149.99 $104.99
CCM 1.5 Goal pant offers a Max Flex Fit built for maximum mobility while maintaining coverage, is easy to tuck. The 1.5 Goal Pant allows for a personalized fit with a 1" length extender. Made from 400D Nylon with stretch zones, you will never be restricte
CCM 1.5 Goal Pant - Junior
$149.99 $104.99