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CCM EFLEX 5.9 Goal Stick - Junior
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CCM EFlex 5.9 Goal Stick brings Zeroflux and Carbon Matrix Technology into the stick. Zeroflux technology brings a lightweight structure built to dampen vibrations for great puck feel and rebound control.
CCM EFLEX 5 Pro Goal Stick - Junior
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CCM EFlex5 Pro Goal Stick is a total game changer. From its new asymmetrical design to its improved dampening, lightweight and new flex profile, you won't only be there for the big saves, but also for quick breakouts.
Bauer GSX Goal Stick - Junior
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The Bauer GSX goal stick is for the recreational goalie. Bauer wanted to make sure it had the pro look of the Vapor with the Supreme shape.
CCM S20 AXIS PRO Goal Stick - CRAWFORD - Junior
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CCM's Axis pro series was born to deliver great performance and feel between the posts. Defend your crease like a pro with enhanced shaft durability, improved paddle and blade thickness, plus new cutting-edge nanolite carbon layering technology.
CCM S20 AXIS 1.9 Goal Stick - CRAWFORD - Junior
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