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Bauer Reactor Multi Sport Radar Gun
Article code 688698617382
Track the speed and strength of your shot... instantly. The Bauer Multi-Sport Radar Gun sets up in a breeze and is easily viewable from any angle. This training tool is perfect for on- and off- ice practices and any other off-season sport.
Winnwell Top Corner Shooting Targets - 2-Pack
Article code 676824023404
Winnwell's Top Corner Shooting Targets are the perfect targets to become the sniper you have always wanted to be. Hang them from the cross bar to create different shooting drills and improve your accuracy.
Winnwell Stickhandling Aid - Basic
Article code 676824037593
Winnwell's Stick Handling Aid has 5 adjustable sections to create numerous drill combinations for both on and off the ice.
Winnwell Metal Bell Shooting Target
Article code 676824023206
Winnwell's Metal Bell Shooting Target is the perfect target to become the sniper you have always wanted to be. You can move the target around to help improve your accuracy.
Winnwell Metal Shooting Target
Article code 829605000334
Winnwell's Metal Shooting Target will keep you picking those pesky targets the goalie leaves open. The lacing is made from 18,000 polyester mesh, while the heavy duty clamp holds the target in place.