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Bauer Multi Surface Training Puck
Article code 688698646900
Bauer's Multi Surface Training Puck is engineered to accurately simulate the weight, bounce, slide and contact height of an ice hockey puck so players can transition from off-ice training to on-ice play without noticing a difference.
Green Biscuit - Original and Snipe - 2 Pack
Article code 040232471551
The Green Biscuit - 2-Pack gives you the best of both worlds. The Original and Snip pucks allow you to work on every aspect of your game, making sure you get the most efficiency and productivity out of your training sessions.
Howies Hockey - Puck Bag
Howie's hockey puck bags are made from high-tenacity nylon with a reinforced polyethylene bottom. The Howie's Hockey Puck Bag can hold up to 50 pucks and it duels as a cooler with its built in drain holes for your post-game beverages.
Green Biscuit - Original Dry Land Off Ice Training Puck - Green
Article code 613637
Green Biscuit 'Original' Dry Land Off Ice Training Puck - Blue
The Green Biscuit is one of the best off-ice training pucks on the market. It weighs about an ounce less than a regular puck but slide great on off-ice surfaces.