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Bauer Supreme M50 Pro Goal Stick - Senior
Article code 688698664669
Bauer's Supreme M50 Pro Goalie Stick is built with a proven and reliable construction offering optimal balance, control and stability - all while being up to 20 grams lighter than its predecessor.
Bauer Supreme Shadow Goal Stick - Senior
Article code 688698664478
Experience control like never seen before with the Supreme Shadow Goal Stick. Featuring the next evolution of Supreme Ergo Bridge Technology, it delivers the same balanced feel your love but with a stiffer blade torsion to help improve puck control.
Bauer AG5NT Goal Stick - Senior
Article code 688698618341
The Bauer AG5NT Goal Stick features revolutionary BORON materials strategically placed in key performance areas, by bringing the combination of elite-level goal stick technology and BORON's lightweight properties and one-of-a-kind stiffness.
Bauer GSX Goal Stick - Senior
Article code 688698589863
Bauer's GSX goal stick is the perfect stick for the new, promising goalie featuring Supreme geometry for a balanced feel with lightweight improvements and a new graphic make the GSX an ideal choice for newer goalies or those looking for reliability
Bauer Elite Goal Stick - Senior
Article code 688698589733
The Bauer Elite Goal Stick is inspired by the popular Vapor 3X geometry with the Elite Goal Stick serving as a bridge between the GSX and X5 Pro models. The Elite Goal Stick packs a punch with a reliable construction, a pro look and unrivaled performance.
Bauer Vapor X5 Pro Goal Stick - Senior
Article code 688698593884
The Bauer Vapor X5 Pro Goalie Stick is a goalie stick worthy of your talent and aspirations. The Vapor X5 Pro is the first performance level stick with PentaGrip, separating you from the competition right away.
Bauer Vapor HyperLite2 Goal Stick - Senior
Article code 688698590043
Experience the next generation of lightweight with the HYPERLITE2 Goalie Stick. New technology from the top to the bottom makes this stick lighter, sturdier, and more balanced - perfect for any scenario in the crease or behind the net.
Bauer Supreme Mach Goal Stick - Senior
Article code 688698545432
$309.99 $232.49
Bauer's Supreme Mach Goal Stick brings balance plus durability plus control to the game with key upgrades in blade geometry and Ergobridge Spine for enhanced torsion control when playing the puck or directing shots.