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Vaughn SLR3 Pro Goalie Blocker - Senior
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Vaughn's SLR3 Pro Goalie Blocker features no binding construction to effectively increase usable blocking space. The SLR3 Pro Goalie Blocker has a new palm overlay which is hydrophobic to repel moisture while increasing feel.
Vaughn SLR3 Goalie Blocker - Youth
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Vaughn's SLR3 Youth Goalie Blocker brings an angled top blocking board with air cushioned back hand shock pad. SLR3 Youth Goalie Blocker brings has full finger protection and a full side shield had protection with an adjustable wrist strap.
Vaughn SLR3 Goalie Blocker - Junior
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Vaughn's SLR3 Junior Goalie Blocker brings a high-density internal foam blocking board and ergonomically shaped palm with cushion padding to reduce vibration.