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CCM Super Tacks AS3 One Piece Stick - Senior
$199.99 $119.99
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New for 2020/21, CCM's Super Tacks AS3 has an optimized mid-kick point, t-shaped shaft, CCM's ACU4 XX-Stiff blade and C6 weave on shaft and blade.
CCM Tacks 9040 Elbow Pads - Junior
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New for 2019, The Tacks 9040 Elbow pad is a great elbow pad for the beginner who is just learning the game of hockey.
CCM Super Tacks AS1 Stick - Intermediate
$249.99 $149.99
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The new Super Tacks AS1 pushes the boundaries of performance and will become the new standard for Mid-Kick point sticks. The stiffness profile has been revisited to maximize loading while providing great stability and control.